What You Need to Know About the Teams Competing in The World Cup 2018

It’s the time again that soccer fans all over the world is gathered. The World Cup may only happen every 4 years, but every minute of the wait is all worth it. The world is in great anticipation as 32 nations head to Russia to compete for the biggest prize.

Do you already have a team to root for?

This tournament would not be as exciting if you don’t have a team to applaud for. You would get excited as your team enters the field and get the victory over their enemy. Their victory is yours and their defeat is yours also.

Below are a group of teams that will give you the idea on their odds to win, players to watch, and the best and worst case scenario for every team competing. Get ready and take down notes to see which of these are the greatest threats to your favorite team.

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay


World rank: No. 66

Odds to win group: 2/1

Odds to win World Cup: 50/1

Key players: Anton Miranchuk, Aleksei Miranchuk, Fyodor Smolov

Best case scenario: Russia upsets Uruguay to win the group and be surprisingly included in the quarterfinals. The Miranchuk twins make an impressive performance in the group stage, making their story one of the feel-good stories of the tournament.

Worst case scenario: Saudi Arabia upsets  Russia in the opening game of the tournament, leaving the team wanting to get away from the group.

Saudi Arabia

World rank: No. 67

Odds to win group: 40/1

Odds to win World Cup: 1000/1

Key players: Fahad al-Muwallad, Mohammad al-Sahlawi

Best case scenario: Saudi Arabia may shock the world when they win over the hosts in the first game of the tournament, which secures their biggest victory in over 20 years.

Worst case scenario: The team matches its disappointing last finish in 2002 as they fail to score a goal through its three group stage games,  leaving fans with nothing to hold onto until the next World Cup.


World rank: No. 45

Odds to win group: 6/1

Odds to win World Cup: 200/1

Key players: Ahmed Hegazi, Mohamed Salah

Best case scenario: Mohamed Salah continues to give us an impeccable performance, leading his team to not only its first ever World Cup victory but also a spot in the elimination stage of the tournament.  He upsets Spain with two goals in the first knockout game and this paves way to him becoming more of an international sensation.

Worst case scenario: Salah suffered an injury during the Champions League final. The severity is worse than initially suspected and this could be a factor where he gives below his usual level performance.  The team’s losses to Russia and Uruguay leaves them with only its first win to play for in the final game of the group stage against Saudi Arabia.


World rank: No. 14

Odds to win group: 2/3

Odds to win World Cup: 30/1

Key players: Diego Godin, Luis Suarez

Best case scenario: Uruguay snags a cushy spot in the elimination bracket as they run through  Russia and the rest of its group . It reaches the semifinal as they pulls an upset or two.

Worst case scenario: Uruguay fails to escape the surprisingly winnable group after falling to Russia’s home field advantage and a Ballon d’Or worthy performance from Mohamed Salah for Egypt.

Group B: Portugal, Iran, Spain, Morocco


World rank: No. 4

Odds to win group: 2/1

Odds to win World Cup: 25/1

Key players: Rui Patricio, Cristiano Ronaldo

Best case scenario: Cristiano Ronaldo continues to amaze us with his great performance as he leads the team in winning the biggest prize that’s eluded his career thus far.Rui Patricio gave yet another amazing performance which helped the team get theEuro 2016 title.

Worst case scenario: Ronaldo’s goal-scoring prowess isn’t able to keep pace alone and the team’s defence disappoints, which forces Portugal into an early exit.


World rank: No. 37

Odds to win group: 40/1

Odds to win World Cup: 500/1

Key players: Ehsan Hajsafi, Sardar Azmoun

Best case scenario: While it sounds almost impossible to escape the group, Iran’s victory against Morocco would be a huge result for the country.

Worst case scenario: Iran matches its winless, one-goal performance from 2014.


World rank: No. 10

Odds to win group: 4/9

Odds to win World Cup: 6/1

Key players: David Silva, Diego Costa, Sergio Ramos, Andres Iniesta

Best case scenario: Spain outwits Portugal in winning their group,wins a few toss-up matches against other international power houses to win the tournament and gets a favourable path through the elimination stage

Worst case scenario: Cristiano Ronaldo gives a mediocre performance in the group stage, which leaves the team to sweat out a second place finish and forces them on a much tougher route to the championship.

Click here for Spain’s team guide and squad list.


World rank: No. 41

Odds to win group: 16/1

Odds to win World Cup: 500/1

Key players: Hakim Ziyech, Ayoub El Kaabi

Best case scenario: Winning against Iran in the opening match will ensure that group stage matches against Spain and Portugal will at least be worth something.

Worst case scenario: Morocco dropping a heartbreaker to Iran and getting run over in subsequent matches. Their only biggest highlight of the tournament is being known as the team that Ronaldo got his hat trick against.

Other countries that are competing are France, Peru, Denmark, Australia, Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria, Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia,  Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea, Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama, Poland, Colombia, Senegal and Japan.

With each of these countries having their key players and own unique strategy of the game, there’s only one thing that is certain – World Cup 2018 will give us minute by minute soccer fun and excitement.

World Cup 2018 brings soccer fans all over the world in unity and unexplainable roller coaster ride of fun and excitement. Click here to read more news and update about this momentous tournament.

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