The Unmasking of Soccer World Cup Myths

There are things out there that we deem true because of what we may have heard in the news or what we heatedly debated on with our friends over the game strategy in the last match we watched together.

We can say that a myth is a poisoned belief of something that is either overly exaggerated or misconstrued. Basically, you believe something on the pure basis of believing it with little to no information to back it up. The general society has a preconceived notion of a belief just because they can. It’s the only way society can justify what is assumed as normal with regards to understanding the world in which we all exist.

Below, we pull the mask back on the common myths surrounding the Soccer World Cup:

There’s More to it than Just Excitement

All that spectator cheering coupled with the general noise of a packed stadium can kill the mood. Especially because after the game, you feel temporarily deafened which can contribute to the development of hearing loss.

A Pretty Face Makes You a Better Player

An attractive player is presumed to be highly skilled. Just because the player is good-looking doesn’t mean they’re the best player.

The Color of Soccer Team Uniforms are Just a Thing

Liverpool has a red uniform, yes? A recent study conducted on teams that wore red uniforms concluded that most teams that had a red uniform had a good track record of wins and successes.

The fact is, there’s a lot more to the Soccer World Cup than just general distorted perceptions.

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