All the Latest on the 2018 Soccer World Cup

Soccer is said to have been traced back from over 2000 years ago in China. However, England stole the show as the country developed the first soccer uniform rules and regulations. 1891 saw the first rule come into place which was the penalty kick. Over time up until 1998, other rules popped up including the introduction of red and yellow cards.

We are currently in the middle of an intense 2018 World Cup tournament. Below, we list a couple of recent match results and the upcoming schedule for the semi, quarter, and ultimate final.

World Cup Fixtures and Results

Group Stage

The World Cup, currently underway in Russia, kicked off well as all countries playing totaled up to 32 matches in ten days. Top performing countries then were England and Russia. Below, are the results from the early games of the Group Stage.

18 June – Tunisia 1 England 2

24 June – England 6 Panama 1

14 June – Russia 5 Saudi Arabia 0

19 June – Russia 3 Egypt 1

Quarter and Semi Finals

The quarterfinals are made up of the winning teams from the Round of 16 match day. Depending on the winners, below are the dates of the quarterfinals matches:

6 July at 3pm and 7pm

7 July at 3pm and 7pm

Semifinals are made up of winning teams from the quarterfinals. Below are the dates of the matches:

10, 11 July at 7pm

Ultimate Final

The big day falls on 15 July at 4pm with the last two winning teams hustling for the World Cup title.

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